Italiens Bibliotheken kämpfen

Zahlreiche italienische bibliothekarische Verbände protestieren in Zusammenarbeit mit Buchhändlern und dem bibliothekarischen Weltverband IFLA gegen die Kürzungen und den Niedergang des italienischen Bibliothekswesens. Die Petition „The night of libraries: A public plea in support of Italian libraries“ fordert die Öffentlichkeit zur Unterstützung des öffentlichen Aufrufs auf.

„A country deprived of efficient libraries turns into a country with no memory and no future. Every time a library closes down, democracy and freedom suffer a reduction of living space. A Government afraid of facing libraries and cultural issues – by transforming a public debate on their roles into a matter of public order – as happened last Tuesday, October 11th is a government of ignorance. In front of Rome’s National Library, people joined together to support and stand up for libraries, but they were welcomed by riot police and locked gates; this Government has betrayed the common interest and even denies the right to debate such problems.“

Weitere Informationen finden sich unter dem folgenden Link:

Beitrag von Andreas Mittrowann


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