Kreativer leben in Bibliotheken

Es geht nicht darum, noch ein Cafe in die Bibliothek zu bauen, auch nicht darum ob man Natursteine oder noch mehr Internetterminals kaufen soll – es geht um Lösungswege – um neues kreatives Denken in Bibliotheken, das möchte der Designing Better Libraries Blog erreichen.

Designing Better Libraries is about a great deal more than arranging spaces and selecting furniture.  Design, as we conceive it, is a way of examining library services and reengineering them to make them more accessible to patrons.  You may ask, “Aren’t most librarians already knowledgeable about methods for identifying and implementing services and resources that contribute to a better library?”  Indeed, they are.  But we are entering a time when our traditional techniques for developing new services may be inadequate for serving a new generation of library users with their own unique search behaviors and service expectations.  To address these changes, we advocate a kind of design thinking informed by processes developed by major design firms and design schools that emphasizes a novel approach to devising and implementing new ideas in libraries.

Wie ich finde, ein interessanter Ansatz, mal sehen, was der neue Blog  so zu berichten weiß!

Kirsten Heinrich

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