Konferenz zur interaktiven Kinderbibliothek in Aarhus, DK

Die innovativen und engagierten Kollegen der Stadtbibliothek in Aarhus, Dänemark, veranstalten eine weitere zukunftsweisende Konferenz:

International Conference and Interactive Exhibition – 4th-6th of May 2006 in Arhus, Denmark

”The Interactive Children’s Library – strategies and prototypes for the future“,
Imagine a children’s library where playfulness activate knowledge and experience, and where imagination and learning is tangible and stimulated by sound, images and light…
This conference launches new strategies and international inspiration for a children’s library of the future. The interactive exhibition presents innovative prototypes, installations and up-coming gadgets that could support tangibility, playfulness and experience in a future children’s library.See programme, information and registration on: http://www.aakb.dk/interactivelibrary
The conference language is English.

Conference speakers:
Ms. Karen Bertrams, Library Consultant, ProBiblio/Heerhugowaard, NL
Ms. Ingrid Bon, Consultant and Secretary of Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults of IFLA, NL
Ms. Bente Buchhave, Freelance Consultant, DK
Ms. Kirsten Drotner, Professor and Director of DREAM,University of Southern Denmark, DK
Mr. Rolf Hapel, Library Director, Aarhus Public Libraries, DK
Ms. Melanie Huggins, Youth and Outreach Services Director, Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, US
Mr. Peter Gall Krogh, Architect and Associate Professor,Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark
Mr. Jannik Mulvad, Librarian, IT-Consultant and Developer, Aarhus Public Libraries, DK
Mr Jens Thorhauge, Director of the Danish National Library Authority, DK
Ms. Marijke Troelstra, Head of Children’s Department, Amsterdam Public Library, NL

Ein Hinweis von Andreas Mittrowann


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